10 Most Powerful Nootropics in 2018

If you are looking for really powerful nootropics to enhance your brain activity, check out our list of the top 10 acetylcholine nootropics you should try in 2018. We also recommend consulting with your doctor before taking any medication.

The Most Powerful Nootropic #1

Let’s cut the bullshit and go straight to the point. The most powerful nootropic available today is Noopept.

Noopept was developed by the Russians as a derivative of Piracetam. The goal was to create a drug that was a hundred times stronger, and they did it. Noopept is currently the strongest nootropic available in the US without a prescription.

It boosts memory to the point that you can easily study and remember even the smallest details. It also improves your brain’s ability to recall stored information and facts.

If you are on a budget or want an almost instant effect, got for Noopept powder. It’s MUCH cheaper and more effective than capsules. You can buy it for a fraction of the cost directly from this famous Noopept manufacturer. You can take as little as 10mg to start feeling the changes; however, you need to take it a few times per day since it gets eliminated from the system after some time.

You may experience even stronger results after a prolonged use of this nootropic without developing any tolerance.

The Most Powerful Nootropic #2 and #3

Adrafinil and Modafinil are among the strongest legal nootropics available in the US. These two powerful nootropics are often connected to each other because Adrafinil transforms in the liver to Modafinil. These drugs we created for treating narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and other sleeping disorders.

Unlike Modafinil, Adrafinil is available without a prescription and can be easily purchased online or over the counter. The effects of these drugs are identical. By taking Adrafinil during the day, you will be able to stay alert and functional at a high level, even with less or no sleep. Modafinil/Adrafinil increase the levels of Hypocretin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Histamine, which improve your mental performance including memory, thinking, and communication.

These nootropics are extremely strong and should not be used in conjunction with other drugs or without the advice of a doctor. Also, never go beyond the recommended dosage. You can buy Adrafinil legally here.

The Most Powerful Nootropic #4

Sunifiram is a new Nootropic supplement which has 1000 times the potency of Piracetam, just like Noopept does. Unlike Modafinil, it gives you a lot of energy without the anxiety that often comes with it.

According to numerous reviews, Sunifiram increases your focus, energy, and motivation such that you can perform any task without getting tired or distracted. It is especially effective in linguistic processing and verbal communication.

You can try it for yourself or read reviews here.

The Most Powerful Nootropic #5

Pramiracetam is another strong nootropic; however, it is weaker than the option above.

With the higher dosage of Pramiracetam, you can achieve a very powerful effect in increasing the intensity of concentration, motivation, and mental drive. The stimulation effect is mild and there is no serious side effects after the stimulation effect is over.

You can buy Pramiracetam legally in the USA online in both tablet and powder format.

The Most Powerful Nootropic #6

Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic that is 60 times stronger than Piracetam. However, it is less powerful than the nootropics mentioned above. It is the perfect nootropic supplement for those who want to try their first powerful nootropic. Phenylpiracetam will help you increase focus and physical performance. It will also help you recover from workouts much quicker. It offers numerous cognitive benefits such as increased memory, learning ability, attention span, motivation, and concentration.

The Most Powerful Nootropics #7 and #8

Nootropics like Aniracetam and Oxiracetam are well-known among people who are new to the use of nootropics. They are less potent, but at the same time, they have fewer side effects. So before jumping to Noopept or Adrafinil, you should try milder versions of nootropics.

The Most Powerful Nootropic #9

Vinpocetine is a famous nootropic for gaming. It can boost your memory, mood, learning abilities and concentration without raising your blood pressure or causing an anxiety. It improves circulation in your brain, increasing the inflow of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, toxins are eliminated from your body and brain fog is alleviated. This nootropic is perfect for those who perform intellectual work and need focus.

The Most Powerful Nootropic #10 (SUPER POWERFUL Nootropic Stack)

If you already tried all of those strong nootropics and you want something really powerful, try this nootropics stack which we found at thebraintopic.com. However, you MUST consult with a doctor before taking any medication in order to avoid side effects or even death.

This stack will help you:

  • Improve your learning ability
  • Increase concentration
  • Intensify focus
  • Boost memory
  • Increase communication ability
  • Lift motivation
  • Remove anxiety
  • Feel better overall

Take these 2x per day:


If you are looking for the most powerful and strongest nootropic legally available for purchase, you should go for Noopept or Adrafinil. And if you want something even stronger, you should probably opt in for a nootropic stack developed by Brain Topic site.

Remember, you should start with a small dosage and increase it gradually to get the best effect and avoid any nootropic side effects. No matter which nootropic you choose, we strongly recommend consulting with your doctor before taking any drugs.


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